Annual reports and documents

Annual reports and documents

ILGA World shares a vision with the global community of LGBTI human rights defenders and allies.

It is a vision of a world where the human rights of all are respected – regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

A world where everyone can live in equality and freedom, where social justice is ensured and the diversity of LGBTI people and their communities is valued.

We are here to do our part.

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Download the ILGA World Constitution

Incorporating changes made at the 2022 World Conference in Long Beach (what has changed?)

Previous versions: as approved in 2019 – 2016 – 2014

Standing orders

Download the ILGA World Standing Orders

Incorporating changes made at the 2022 World Conference in Long Beach (what has changed?)

Previous versions: as approved in 2019 – 2016 – 2012

Strategic plan 2019-2024

Download the ILGA World Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Approved by members at the 2019 World Conference in Wellington

Note: Originally meant to reach its end in 2023, our Strategic Plan has been extended to 2024 inclusive!

Previous versions: 2014-2018

Code of conduct

Download the ILGA World Code of Conduct

for conferences and events

ILGA World complaints

ILGA World has a complaints procedure that supplements the organisation’s Code of conduct, Constitution and other policies.

It sets out the policies and procedures that guide the receiving, investigation, and handling of complaints against ILGA World, its member organisations, Board members, and staff.

ILGA World takes the position that, where possible, without re-traumatising complainants, all complainants should try and resolve the issues in their complaint directly with the individual accused of the behaviour, with the assistance of any support person/s they feel comfortable with. When this has been attempted, or if the attempt will result in a re-traumatisation and or triggering of fear and anxiety to the complainant, a complaint may be filed. ILGA World will follow the procedures set out in its Complaints Procedure, which includes steps for receiving, acknowledging, investigating, resolving & confirming, responding to the complainant, and following up.

The process starts by writing the complaint to complaints @ilga.org (English) and quejas @ilga.org (Spanish). Complaints to this email account are received by the Chairperson of the Dispute Resolution Committee and Executive Director of ILGA World.

It is the responsibility of the complainant to:

  • bring their complaint, in writing, to ILGA World’s attention within seven weeks of the issue arising;
  • explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date;
  • substantiate their complaint and provide reasonable evidence that the complaint is justified;
  • recognise that some circumstances may be beyond ILGA World’s control.

Complaints received by the Dispute Resolution Committee will be forwarded to the relevant region to investigate, except if they pertain to the Executive Director and ILGA World Board members elected at the ILGA World General Assembly or matters related directly to ILGA World. On completion of the regional investigations, a report with recommendations will be sent to the Dispute Resolution Committee for consideration and/or confirmation.

All complaints not forwarded to the relevant region will be dealt with by the Dispute Resolution Committee directly.  Complaints are dealt with confidentially.

The Executive Board of ILGA World appoints the Dispute Resolution Committee to oversee complaints that have exhausted all region dispute mechanism options. The Dispute Resolution Committee has delegated authority from the ILGA World Board regarding the functions and powers set out in its Terms of Reference. The Dispute Resolution Committee receives complaints against any member organisation or person acting on ILGA World’s behalf.

The complaints that the Committee takes up need to be substantiated by reasonable evidence. Moreover, they need to have either a global dimension or relevance for ILGA World as an entity or constitute a risk for ILGA World if left unattended.

A clear dispute resolution mechanism regulates the Dispute Resolution Committee. Where complaints of a criminal allegation may arise, the Dispute Resolution Committee will defer these matters for legal guidance and seek state remedies or restorative justice mechanisms, as needed and applicable to the nature of the complaint.

Annual reports

ILGA World is built on the energy and passion of our member organisations.

Every year, our annual report captures the essence of the work we do to support them, and to help strengthen the network of human rights defenders working at local, national, regional and international levels to advance LGBTI human rights worldwide.



Download the ILGA World 2022 Annual Report in English | in Spanish

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