Steering Committees

Steering Committees

The five Steering Committees are a group of activists appointed or elected from every region of the world to support ILGA World’s work on bisexual, intersex, trans, women and youth issues. They were established in 2016 by the ILGA membership as a more representative way to continue the work of the ILGA Secretariats.

With seven persons from ILGA World member organisations in each committee, there is a now larger and more geographically diverse body working on the specific concerns of a population group, rather than relying on a single member organisation as was the case with the Secretariats.

The Steering Committees started to really take shape in 2019 when the first chairs of each steering committee were elected at the World Conference in Wellington and each ILGA World region appointed or elected its representatives.

As a result, our whole global family is better represented when ILGA World discusses bisexual, intersex, trans, women, and youth issues! Like with the Secretariats, the Chairs of Steering Committees also join the Executive Board, helping to make sure that our family speaks with one diverse but unified voice.

This is what queer democracy in action looks like!

last updated on: 26 June 2020
(opening photo by Ben Buckland)

Meet the representatives of ILGA World’s Steering Committees

Bisexual Committee

Intersex Committee

Trans Committee

Women’s Committee

Youth Committee