ILGA World maps

ILGA World maps

ILGA World maps are among the most shared visual representations of how LGBTIQ people are affected by laws and policies around the world.

The scope of our long-standing rights mapping has expanded thanks to the ILGA World Database. With that platform, ILGA maps have become interactive and constantly updated, to better cover sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) issues globally.

Our LGBTIQ rights maps cover more than 100 topics, as well as how SOGIESC issues are addressed in international human rights mechanisms like the Universal Periodic Review, Treaty Bodies, or Special Procedures within the United Nations.

With their easily understandable visual representations, ILGA World maps are powerful tools for social justice in the hands of human rights defenders, policymakers, journalists, academia, and all those interested in getting the facts right about the human rights of LGBTIQ people. Access the ILGA World Database to interact with our maps and download them for free, and find a selection of our latest maps below.

ILGA World maps: our latest selection

This is a selection of the latest ILGA World maps (updated on 7 May 2024).

PDF files available below are vectorised, and fit for large prints.

Our maps can be reproduced and printed without permission as long as ILGA World is properly credited and the content is not altered. 

Interactive versions of these and many more maps are available in the ILGA World Database.

World map – criminalisation of consensual same-sex sexual acts

World map – legal gender recognition

World map – restrictions on interventions on intersex minors

World map – regulation of so-called “conversion therapies”

World map – legal recognition of same-sex couples (marriage equality and civil unions)