ILGA World is a worldwide federation of over 1,900 organisations from more than 160 countries and territories across the globe and we continue to grow every year. If your organisation is interested in becoming a part of our global family, there are 2 types of membership:

  • full membership is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex non-profit organisations.
  • associate membership, on the other hand, welcomes any other association who wishes to support ILGA World’s operations as an ally.

All members must agree to fully adhere to the ConstitutionCode of Conduct, Standing Orders and values of ILGA World.

Does your organisation want to become a member? Follow this link to apply!

The executive board of ILGA World will review your application during its next meeting, and our secretariat will get in touch with you shortly after that.

Benefits of being a ILGA World member

Networking & global solidarity

ILGA World provides its members with access to the global and regional network of over 1800 organisations working towards a stronger LGBTI movement. You can consent to share and request contact info of member organisations to meet, share innovative ideas and practices, and build partnerships that can help your organisation better fulfil its missions.

ILGA World’s resources for networking are not limited to the membership database: there are occasions where our members can have encounters with affiliated intergovernmental and governmental bodies, universities, and businesses through our regional and global gatherings, both virtually and in person. Together, we are stronger.

Queer democracy in action

Full members play a vital role in formulating the direction and work of ILGA World by casting their votes to elect (nominated) candidates, proposing changes to its governing documents, choosing the next World Conference host and holding office in the highest Governing Body of ILGA World. Associate members, despite not enjoying suffrage, can become observers during the General Assembly.

Capacity building

ILGA World supports its member organisations to elevate the voices of our communities to be heard in multilateral international spaces, including the United Nations (UN). Member organisations are supported in their advocacy efforts through capacity building.

We guide member organisations towards enhanced advocacy through online training sessions on how to effectively use national, regional and supranational human rights mechanisms to advance the rights of LGBTI persons worldwide. Where possible, representatives from member organisations are sponsored to attend in-person UN events such as the Human Rights Council, treaty body mechanisms, and the High-Level Political Forum.

Media services

ILGA World actively gathers and disseminates information about the global situation of LGBTI persons. Our members receive dedicated communications, have the opportunity to be involved in campaigns run by ILGA World, and are regularly featured on our social media platforms to introduce themselves and present their work to our global LGBTI community. Additionally, we give our members recognition on our official website.

Global and regional gatherings

In-person and virtual gatherings are essential components that help us build strength for our global fight for equality all across the world. Among the in-person meetings, the ILGA World Conference is held every 3 years. Bringing together LGBTI activists, representatives from (inter)governmental organisations, and community leaders, the ILGA World Conference is the largest global gathering of LGBTI changemakers.

Likewise, our 6 regional offices hold their own conference (bi)annually. Focusing on regional-level matters throughout these events, our members can enjoy a wide array of sessions closely concerning our global movement at a regional level. Eligible representatives from our members can benefit from the priority in receiving the full scholarship to attend the conferences, as well as the priority in securing a spot when there is a limit to the number of participants. Besides, ILGA World provides substantially reduced rates for its members.

Does your organisation want to become a member? Follow this link to apply!

The executive board of ILGA World will review your application during its next meeting, and our secretariat will get in touch with you shortly after that

Find out more information about…

During the ILGA World Conference 2022 held in Long Beach, US, the General Assembly (representatives of full member organisations) passed a resolution confirming that ILGA World will establish a sliding scale for annual membership fees paid by members in all six ILGA regions. The amount to be paid by each member organisation depends on their annual budget for the year of payment. Please refer to the table below to learn about the membership fees applicable from January 2023 onwards:


Full members

Annual budget (in CHF) Annual Membership fee
(in CHF)
Under 10,000 10
Under 50,000 30
Under 100,000 60
Under 500,000 120
Under 1 million 200
Over 1 million 300
Over 5 million 500


Associate members

Annual budget (in CHF) Annual membership fee (in CHF)
Under 10,000 300
Under 50,000 300
Under 100,000 300
Under 500,000 300
Under 1 million 300
Over 1 million 400
Over 5 million 600


ILGA World has a current practice, confirmed by the ILGA World Board at its meeting in October 2018, whereby ILGA World member organisations wishing to exercise the rights of a member [including but not limited to voting; having a person from your organisation run for a position (including alternate) at the World or Regional level; having a person from your organisation’s representative hold office in one of the five ILGA World Steering Committees (Bi, Intersex, Trans, Women, Youth) (under Section C6 of the Constitution); nominating a person for a board, alternate or committee position; having organisation’s representative participate as a member of the Chairing Pool at an ILGA World or Regional conference; bidding to host a World Conference] are required to pay the three most recent years of their annual fees (i.e. the current calendar year and the previous two years).

Organisations that have been members for less than three years are required to pay all outstanding annual fees.

Membership fees in 2021 & 2022 – ILGA World understands that many of our member organisations faced financial challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. If your organisation is amongst them, ILGA World is pleased to announce that it will – upon request – grant a reduction of 50% in membership fees for 2021 & 2022. You can write to [email protected] for further information.

Each membership application is subject to a thorough review process run by the ILGA World Executive Board, democratically elected by our members at the World Conferences (or regional conferences held by the relevant ILGA World region.) The ILGA World office (also known as the Secretariat) is in charge of the timely receipt and transfer of the applications to firstly, regional board members and then the rest of the board.

As each application requires meticulous assessment to make sure the applicant’s aims and values are in line with those of ILGA World and the adhesion will best serve the global LGBTI movement, you may expect to hear back about the result in up to 2 months.

ILGA World memberships aren’t revoked based on the payment status. Paying the membership fee is one meaningful way for members to express their support and commitment to ILGA World and its operations on the global and regional levels.

With the new fee structure allowing for more flexibility in terms of both financial and practical points of view, we hope to better facilitate the timely receipt of the membership dues every year.

The implications of not paying fees include not being able to exercise electoral rights on both regional and World levels (e.g., voting, running in Executive Board elections, nominating for Executive Board position, participating in Chairing Pool, bidding for conference host). However, all our members are welcome to be present in the ILGA spaces.

If you have any pending payments from previous years, you will be able to pay your dues retrospectively. Please email us at membership [email protected] to request your customised payment link.

Storing the most up-to-date information about our members is essential to our global operations as we wish to make sure our members can access the information including but not limited to advocacy and scholarship opportunities. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to share with us the updated contact details by sending an email to [email protected].

Membership applications can only be processed by our Executive Board through ILGA World’s assessment system. Regional offices per se cannot accept nor deny membership applications. After a multi-stage Board review approves their application, eligible organisations become ILGA World members. The ILGA World region your organisation will become part of is determined by your country of operations and/or registration you provided in your application. For example: If your organisation is based in, let’s say, Malaysia, you will be listed as a member in the ILGA Asia region.

Our members’ contact information is not shared externally unless explicitly requested or consented to by the organisation in question. Additionally, ILGA World can anonymise your organisation’s name on the website if you indicate so in the relevant section of the membership application form.

ILGA World sends out annual membership fees beginning of the year in January.

The fees are sent out via email with enclosed link to a payment page. The payment page is already pre-populated with your organisational data and you would only need to confirm and chose a payment method. You can pay by PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer. The payment link is valid for 30 days and in case you need a new link to be send, you can send an email to [email protected].

Payment reminders are being send out in March.

All members must support the aims of ILGA World.

Under the Constitution, a member may be suspended from ILGA membership by the ILGA World Executive Board for failure to comply with the ILGA World Constitution by at least a 50% plus 1 majority of its members voting for the suspension. The suspension, unless revoked by the Executive Board, shall remain in force until the next World Conference.

The ILGA World Board at its April 2020 Board meeting has determined that it will make such a decision after a considered recommendation is received from the ILGA World Board Ethics Committee following an investigation using the board-approved ILGA World Complaints Procedure, and arriving at its final recommendation will ensure that the following additional points are also considered when determining whether a member organisation has failed to comply with the aims and objectives of ILGA World:

  1. the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness;
  2. reasonable interpretation of “supporting the aims of ILGA World” includes any policies, values and rules of ILGA World; and
  3. “Supporting the aims of ILGA World” is more than merely expressing support for those aims, it is also based on the actions of the member organisation.”

The ILGA World Board Ethics Committee is a committee of five ILGA World Board members appointed by the Board.

Under the Constitution, a member may be expelled from membership by motion at a World Conference for failure to comply with the ILGA World Constitution. Members facing the possibility of expulsion have the right to present their defence.

ILGA membership is for life, unless the organisation is suspended or expelled or withdraws.

Members are not suspended or expelled for non-payment of fees (but they may not exercise the rights of a member without paying fees). Notwithstanding, a member may decide that they still wish to leave ILGA World. Member organisations may at any request to cease to be a member organisation of ILGA World by sending a letter from the authorised representative of the organisations to [email protected], explaining that the member organisation would like to withdraw its membership from ILGA World (and consequently also the relevant regional ILGA entity – eg ILGA-Europe, ILGALAC etc) and setting out the reasons for leaving.