ProtectDefenders.eu is the European Union Human Rights Defenders mechanism.

Funded by the European Union, ProtectDefenders.eu has been established to support those who strive to promote and defend human rights worldwide, including those of

LGBTI people and communities, despite facing high risks for their safety.

ILGA World is part of the Consortium of 12 NGOs leading the mechanism, and its efforts especially focus on supporting LGBTI human rights defenders.

(photo: ProtectDefenders.eu)


reaches out to human rights defenders who are targeted for their activities. LGBTI human rights defenders will be supported by people who have a proven track record in advocating in their favour: we will listen to you, understand the situation you are facing and address it with effectiveness and respect.

provides emergency grants to human rights defenders at risk, ensuring that you can implement urgent security measures to protect yourself, your family and your work.


relocates human rights defenders at risk: you will be offered temporary grants to receive assistance in moving out of danger and in managing a safe return.

builds the capacities of individuals and organisations through trainings, grants programmes, advocacy and campaign strategies.

monitors the situation of human rights defenders worldwide, coordinates urgent alerts and urges immediate responses.


Facing immediate threats?

Call the 24/7 hotline!


+353 (0)1 21 00 489

The emergency helpline works at any hour, every day. LGBTI-friendly operators speak Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Rapid international support will be mobilised.

ProtectDefenders.eu can also be contacted via Skype and secure web form.