(video) LGBTI issues at the 55th UN Human Rights Council

How will LGBTI human rights and SOGIESC issues be addressed during the 55th UN Human Rights Council?

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Transcription of the video: LGBTI issues at the 55th UN Human Rights Council

The first session of the year of the UN Human Rights Council has started! The 55th session will take place at the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva until 5 April 2024.

ILGA World will be there for you, as always! We look forward to amplifying the voices of LGBTI communities, human rights defenders, and civil society worldwide at the United Nations.

Our organisation will deliver statements in panels and general debates, support our communities engaging in the adoption of their countries’ UPR outcomes, and participate in interactive dialogues with UN human rights experts.

As we engage with Special Procedures mandate holders, we will address how intersectional forms of discrimination prevent LGBTI people from fully and freely participating in cultural life. This is especially true for those among us who are migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees!

We will denounce acts of torture perpetrated against LGBTI people in the context of prisons, humanitarian settings and conflicts, and sound the alarm on more human rights situations that require urgent attention.

ILGA World will take the floor as the Council addresses community inclusion of people with disabilities. We want to ensure that the perspectives of LGBTI people with disabilities are truly considered!

Throughout the 55th Human Rights Council, ILGA World will look out for our communities and ensure our voices are heard. Follow us on social media for real-time updates, and don’t forget to like, share and comment on this video!