IMPORTANT Addendum – First Conference mailing


please be aware that only members of ILGA Members can be nominated for co-Secretaries General or Alternate Co-Secretaries General. Their nominations must be endorsed by at least an ILGA Member (which can be the very organisation the person belongs to). A nomination letter highlighting the name of the person being nominated and the name of their organisation, signed by the representative of the ILGA member organisation should be sent by email at [email protected]



Proposals do not have a specific format, but ideally they should indicate which part (article or paragraph or section, etc.) of the Constitution / Standing Orders / Strategic Plan they want to modify and how they want to modify it, i.e. elimination of a part/sentence/word, and/or substitution of a word/sentence/part with another word/phrase/sentence, and / or addition of a word/phrase or sentence, etc.