Yves Aerts Jacobs

Yves Aerts Jacobs
ILGA-Europe alternate
Elected at ILGA-Europe Conference, Brussels, October 2018

Yves Aerts Jacobs (they/them or he/him) is a board member of ILGA-Europe and an European representative to the ILGA board. Since 2007, they have worked as the Executive Director of çavaria, the LGBTI+ umbrella organization in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The organisation strives for the well-being and fights for the rights of lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, trans* and inter* people in all aspects of everyday life. Çavaria also co-organises the Belgian Pride.

As coordinator, Yves leads (on a strategic level) an organization of almost 30 staff members, more than 125 member organisations and hundreds of volunteers.  They are also instrumental in lobbying for LGBTI+ causes in Belgian politics.

Together with the staff members and the board, they helped to make çavaria more trans/inter* inclusive, and cooperated more thoroughly with allies (the womens’ council, refugees council, main ethnic minorities organisations, trade unions and employees, political parties, etc...).

Alongside their job at çavaria, Yves is volunteering in different cultural, political, ecological organisations and (grassroots) initiatives.

For example, Yves volunteers with a reading-based literature organisation for vulnerable individuals – such as those in poverty or psychological problems. They are involved in green politics at a local and national level, and volunteer for ecological projects like co-housing, critical mass bike rides, and so on.

organisation: Çavaria (Belgium)