The ILGA World Database is a unique knowledge base on laws, human rights bodies, advocacy opportunities, and news related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics issues worldwide.

Its six areas give you access to ILGA World data according to the field of your preference. Laws and regulations at the national or subnational level, International Treaties, United Nations human rights mechanisms, and UN voting records are easily accessible through interactive maps, graphs and charts.

If you are interested in knowing everything about one specific country, you can access our data in a cross-cutting way – by jurisdiction. Each of the 193 UN Member States and 47 non-independent territories have their own profile with all the information that is relevant to each of them from across areas. This also includes advocacy opportunities and a selection of the latest SOGIESC-related news from the ILGA World Monitor.

The tools within the ILGA World Database will allow you to interact with its data in different ways – by searching, comparing or mapping specific countries of your preference.

The ILGA World Database also tracks deadlines for the submission of shadow reports and other calls for contributions for the benefit of activists who wish to engage with any of the UN mechanisms. A countdown tracker will tell you how much time is left for submissions to Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures and the Universal Periodic Review.

Follow this link to access the ILGA World Database now