XXV ILGA World Conference – Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 4-9, 2010


An Invitation by Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini, ILGA Co-secretaries General before the Sao Paulo 2010 World Conference

Shaping ILGA’s agenda: the participatory process amongst 667 member groups leading up to the 2010 World Conference in Sao Paulo


Until September 10, members could participate in a consultation regarding ILGA’s Strategic Plan 2011-2013 (see Background Information for Questionnaire)
ILGA members had until September 13 to propose nominations and amendments to ILGA’s Constitution and Standing Orders (see Call).


Following this call, the ILGA secretariat compiled the following members’input that was sent to all ILGA members (in Spanish or English) September 27:

  • Proposals, including those for amendments to the Constitution and the Standing Orders, submitted by Members and by the Executive Board following the call for proposals of August 13
  • Nominations for cities hosting the world conference of 2012, for the Trans Secretariat, the Women’s Secretariat, and for the co-Secretaries General, submitted by Members following the call for nominations of August 13
  • Strategic plan, the text for the strategic plan 2011-2013 drafted by the Executive Board, also taking into account the responses sent by Members to the questionnaire on the Strategic Plan sent out on August 9th
  • The audited accounts for 2008 (auditor’s report) and 2009 (auditor’s report).

ILGA Members had four weeks to react to these documents and send amendments affecting either the proposals or the strategic plan.


Click here for the text of the Third Mailing which includes the final agenda and below for:

  • Delegate Pack including information on how to get to the conference venue
  • Report from the Executive Board
  • Report from the Trans Secretariat
  • Women’s Secretariat Report
  • Proxy Form

Sao Paulo 2010 Conference Programme


ILGA thanks São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau: Visit São Paulo!