Sydney World Pride is in full swing: LGBTI human rights defenders, community members, government and political representatives, and many more are gathering to celebrate our global family and chart ways to advance equality worldwide.

For the first time this year, WorldPride takes place in a city in the southern hemisphere, and we at ILGA World are there, too, joining the historic human rights conference.

On this occasion, we will reunite with many in our member organisations and take the floor on numerous occasions.  Follow this link to explore the WorldPride Human Rights Conference agenda.


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On the opening day (Wednesday, 1 March), our co-Secretary General Luz Elena Aranda will address the plenary with an update on the LGBTI human rights situation in her region – Latin America and the Caribbean. She will also join a panel addressing ongoing efforts to resist racism, erasure and ableism in our movement.

Our co-Secretary General Tuisina Ymania Brown will also take the floor during the first day, offering closing remarks after taking the floor in a panel discussion on de-colonisation, sovereignty and First Nations justice in Asia Pacific.

Follow this link to host a WorldPride Human Rights Conference Watch Party.

On Day Two (Thursday, 2 March), our Executive Director Julia Ehrt will join a panel to discuss the fundamental right of bodily autonomy, while ILGA World’s Stephanie Leitch– will take the floor in a workshop on how to leverage the UN human rights system to effect positive change for our communities.

In the days leading up to the conference, the Senior Officer with our Decriminalisation project and ILGA regions engagement also participated in a workshop with the Pacific caucus focusing on decriminalisation efforts across the region.

On the final day of the human rights conference Friday, 3 March) our co-Secretary General Tuisina Ymania Brown will retake the floor during the closing panel discussion, dedicated to discussing the road ahead for our movements.

Beyond these sessions, the ILGA family will participate in the human rights conference in many more moments: with sessions held by our regions, interventions made by our Board members, and workshops our member organisations will participate in.

We also look forward to marching together on Sunday, 5 March, when WorldPride will end. More than 50,000 people are expected to march across the landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge in a powerful international statement: we are here, we are united, and we will relentlessly demand equality worldwide