JUNTES part 2 at the Outburst Queer Arts Festival

Mid-November 2023 saw part two of JUNTES in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This time, in the context of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival.

At a time of growing disinformation and dangerous anti-democracy movements, we’ve seen a troubling division and violent rhetoric, even within our own community, particularly around gender and trans rights. To effectively counter the wider causes of violence and inequity, we need to support movements that come together to change the stories and conditions that are causing harm.

This is why JUNTES in Belfast occurred, as it helped us answer an important question: How can art support us to have more generous conversations with each other and build the fierce and effective feminist and trans coalitions and solidarity needed now? Art has always created space for us to explore challenging and complex issues and ideas, which help us better understand each other and our world. At JUNTES in Belfast, it was critical that all our events related to feminist and trans coalition building were open to the public, which led to important conversations on narrative change, allyship and solidarity.

ILGA World, in partnership with Outburst Arts and Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, led the JUNTES programming over three days spanning topics from Telling Stories: The Power of Narrative Change to The Dramaturgy of Politics to Designing Change: How Visual Design Can Change Everything. So that you can continue the journey with us, ILGA World will soon publish more videos and materials to document what went down during JUNTES: stay tuned!

ILGA World’s Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics team will continue to prioritise the co-creation of trans and feminist solidarity and push back against the harmful anti-gender and anti-rights agendas that are harming our communities worldwide.

We encourage all stakeholders globally to also look at ways of collaborating across movements to build powerful intersectional movements that address the needs of our communities under attack. Below, we have added some visual highlights of some of the discussions.

Panel discussion What the Hell is Going On and How Do We Turn It Around following Grace Petrie’s Butch Ado About Nothing.

From left to right, Ruth McCarthy, Grace Petrie, Pea Dinneen, Oscar Fitzpatrick, Natalia Mallo. November 16th2023

Panel discussion at the session on Telling Stories: The Power of Narrative Change.
From left to right: Lily Dong Li Rosengard, Darius Gervinskas, Lola M. Silva, Denn Ix. November 17th 2023

Panel session on the Dramaturgy of Politics.
From left to right: Conor Mitchell, Natalia Mallo, Raphaël Khouri, Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi. November 18th 2023