ILGA World Conference 2019 – second mailing

(sent on Monday 7 January 2019)


Dear ILGA member, dear friend,

Happy New Year!

On 3 December 2018, we wrote to you with the first mailing for the conference.

On behalf of ILGA’s Executive Board, we are now pleased to send you this second mailing, with the preliminary agenda of the conference and with the various proposals and nominations received from member organizations and the board.




The Conference will have a full and exciting programme with over 70 sessions and 14 ILGA pre-conferences over five days (and several other exciting pre-conferences and side-events organized by others in the run-up and alongside too!).

There will be a warm local queer and Maori welcome at the conference from the very start. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, will welcome the conference. Victor Madrigal Borloz, the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity is also a keynote speaker. Queer activists from all around the world will be leading sessions, and the business of governing and setting the direction of ILGA will also take place in Constitutional, Finance, Strategic Plan and Candidate sessions. For the ILGA business at the conference, here is the draft agenda of the ILGA General Meeting.

The final detailed programme for the full five days of the conference and pre-conferences will be sent with the final agenda three weeks prior to the conference (the third mailing), but a rough draft can be found here to give you a general flavour of what is coming (though of course subject to many changes in the coming weeks).




In this message you will also find links to the following documents:

  1. A proposed new Strategic Plan of ILGA for the years 2019-2022.

This document is the outcome of several interviews, conversations and consultations which took place over the past 8 months with ILGA members in all 6 regions, ILGA staff, World and Regional board members, donors and other partners. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this proposed Strategic Plan by 4 February!

The ILGA Board will take your comments and develop the final draft of the Strategic Plan which will be sent with the 3rd conference mailing. There will be a last opportunity to discuss the draft Strategic Plan during a workshop at the Conference in Wellington, and make final minor changes before the final vote at the conference.

  1. Proposals for amendments to the Constitution and Standing Orders of ILGA, following the call for proposals of 3 December 2018.

There are amendments submitted by:

  1. Nominations received for open Board positions, namely
  • two co-Secretaries General
  • two alternate co-Secretaries General
  • Chair of the new Bisexual Steering Committee
  • Chair of the new Intersex Steering Committee
  • Chair of the new Trans Steering Committee
  • Chair of the new Women Steering Committee
  • Chair of the new Youth Steering Committee,

as submitted by Members following the call for nominations of 3 December 2018.

Note that bids to be the city and host organisation(s) for the 2021 World Conference will be shared in the third mailing. The deadline to submit the nomination for the host city and organisation is 4 February.

  1. Audited accounts for 2016 and 2017.

ILGA Members now have four weeks to react to these documents
and send amendments regarding the proposed changes to the Constitution, Standing Orders and Strategic Plan
to [email protected] by 4 February 2019.

If you wish to make amendments to proposals, please follow the instructions provided in the “Guidelines to Submit Proposals”.




Members are reminded that only full members who are up to date with payments of the membership fees are entitled to vote at the conference. Every full member organisation will have two votes and may nominate a proxy (if unable to attend the conference). [Standing Order 6.3]

“A full member organisation which is not represented at the Conference and which would otherwise be entitled to vote may nominate a person attending the Conference or one of the Steering Committees to exercise by proxy the votes to which the organisation is entitled, in accordance with SO6.” [Standing Order 5.1]

(Note that the reference to Steering Committees exercising proxy votes does not apply to proceedings at the Wellington Conference as the committees will only be constituted for the first time at Wellington. For Wellington, it is the four outgoing ILGA secretariats – Bisexual, Intersex, Trans and Women – that may be appointed as a proxy.)

You can email your proxies at [email protected] by 17 March 2019 by using this template.

Organizations that are attending the conference must still designate their representatives who will vote on their behalf. Please use the first part of the Proxy form to designate your representatives who will then vote on behalf of your organization.




In the last mailing, we announced that we are granting over 120 scholarships for the Conference in Wellington. While some scholarships are still being finalized, we are happy to share in general terms some details on the range of diversity that they represent.

We have supported scholars from 87 countries; over 75% of scholars are from the Global South. We have also given emphasis to supporting people from marginalized population groups and identities, including sex workers, persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV, lesbians, women, bisexuals, trans persons, those who are intersex, those who identify as gender non-binary etc.

We are still finalizing identity and other data on all persons who have been granted a scholarship, but we have data on over 75% of scholarship recipients. Details can be found here.




  • Members have until 4 February to propose amendments to the proposals for Constitutional and Standing Orders changes sent with this mailing. These are to be sent to [email protected]
  • The Constitution and Standing Orders change proposals and any proposed amendments to these changes will be sent to all members in the 3rd and final mailing three weeks prior to the conference
  • The proposals and any amendments will be discussed and voted on at the ILGA World Conference in Wellington from the 18 to 22 March.




Please make sure you register by 1 March 2019! If you need a visa, your deadline for registering is 1 February 2019!

Thank you for your contribution so far, and we look forward to welcoming you all in Wellington!

In solidarity,

Ruth Baldacchino and Helen Kennedy
ILGA co-Secretaries General