2nd mailing ILGA XXVI World Conference


Brussels, 03 October 2012

Dear ILGA Members,

On behalf of ILGA’s Executive Board I am pleased to send you the 2nd mailing with the preliminary agenda items for the XXVI ILGA World Conference, organised with RSFL (Sweden), and which will take place in Stockholm from December 12 to 16. The detailed programme for the conference and the pre-conferences will be sent with the final agenda.

In this message you will find links to the following documents:

  1. proposals, i.e. the proposals, including those for amendments to the Constitution and the Standing Orders, submitted by Members and by the Executive Board following the call for proposals of 27 August 2012;
  2. nominations, i.e. nominations for cities hosting the world conference of 2014, for the Trans Secretariat, the Women’s Secretariat, and for the co-Secretaries General, submitted by Members following the call for nominations of 27 August 2012;
  3. The audited accounts for 2010 and 2011.

ILGA Members have now four weeks to react to these documents and send amendments affecting the proposals to the e-mail address [email protected] by 31 October 2012.

Members are reminded that only full members who are up to date with payments of the membership fees are entitled to vote at the conference and that “Every full member organization will have two votes, but a mixed organization sending a delegation of only women or only members who do not identify as women, will have only one vote unless it has provided written confirmation that the other group(s) in that organization have approved the delegate(s) exercising both votes. In either case, the women or people who do not identify as women in a mixed organization may instead nominate a proxy in accordance with Standing Orders.” [Standing Order 6.3]

Please note also that “A full member not present at the conference who would otherwise be entitled to vote, and mixed organizations sending a delegation of only women or only members who do not identify as women, may nominate an individual participant or the Women’s Secretariat or the Trans Secretariat to exercise by proxy either one or both of its vote.” [Standing Order 5.1]

You can email your proxies at [email protected] preferably by 10th December by using this template.

Thank you for your contribution so far, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Stockholm!

In solidarity,

Sebastian Rocca
Executive Director

Ps. For an update on the conference preparation or to register your participation, check the conference website ilga2012.org