1st mailing ILGA XXVI World Conference – Stockholm 2012


Dear members and friends of ILGA,

The XXVI World conference of ILGA is coming up soon and it will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 10-16 December 2012 (Please see here for the official invitation of ILGA’s Co-Secretary Generals sent on 10 June).

On behalf of the board of ILGA we are now sending you the first of three conference mailings, asking full member organisations to submit:

  1. proposals (resolutions and amendments to the Constitution and the Standing Orders) they would like to see addressed by the conference;
  2. nominations of people for the two positions of co-Secretary General;
  3. nominations of organisations for the Women Secretariat;
  4. nominations of organisations for the Trans Secretariat;
  5. nominations of city/organisations to host the 2014 World Conference.

?The ILGA World Conference is the privileged moment where members can have a direct impact on the work of the association, including electing its leadership and making amendments to its Constitution and Standing Orders. These two founding documents give shape to the democratic structure of the organisation and ensure its legitimacy as the only world federation of organisations fighting for equal rights of LGBTI people.??The deadline for full member organisations to present proposals and nominations is set by the Standing Orders at 12 weeks before the conference (10 and 11 December being days dedicated to regional meetings and pre-conferences). This means that the ILGA office in Brussels must receive member proposals by September 19, 2012. Proposals and nominations must be sent to [email protected]

The ILGA office will send the received proposals, together with the preliminary agenda, to all members with the second mailing 10 weeks before the conference, which is on October 3.
?The members of ILGA will then have 4 weeks to react to these proposals and to make proposals to amend them. These amendments will have to be sent to the ILGA office in Brussels 6 weeks before the conference, i.e. by October 31.
?The final agenda will be sent by the office in Brussels with the third mailing 3 weeks before the conference, i.e. on November 21.

Please keep checking the conference website ilga2012.org for updated information on the conference. To recap, here are some useful deadlines until the second mailing on 3rd October:

?We look forward to receiving your proposals and nominations and to your participation in the work of our world federation!
With kind regards,

Sebastian Rocca
Executive Director

Background on Resolutions

Resolutions will normally be formulated as a statement leading to a request to somebody to do something. This will be followed by an explanatory note giving the background and reason.

?Background on Constitutional Amendments?

The constitution of ILGA stipulates in C11:?- An amendment to the Constitution can only be considered at a World Conference if the proposal has been submitted and circulated according to the rules in C7 (which states the deadlines to receive and publish material as indicated above). The World Conference can consider the amendment proposed and any alterations to the amendment, which are not outside the scope of the proposed amendment.?- Adoption of changes to the constitution requires a majority of 75% of the votes cast for and against.

It is very important that a proposal to change the constitution or the standing orders is very clear about what should be changed.

The format for such proposals is:

“In the constitution, section X.y change “ xxxx “ to “yyyy”” or
“In the constitution, section X.y delete “ xxxx “ and insert “yyyy”” or
“In the constitution, section X.y delete “ xxxx “ or
“In the constitution, delete section X.y” or
“In the constitution, insert a new section X.y: “yyyy””

Furthermore there should be an explanatory note telling why the proposed amendments are wanted.