Kimberly Frost

Kimberly Frost (she/her) currently works for Local 1102 RWDSU/UFCW and serves as Executive board member/Treasurer for OUTreach, an LGBT Labor constituency organization that supports locals across the country. In addition to developing training and education materials for their nationwide membership, OUTreach offers scholarships for members to go to seminars and conferences, to build expertise and strengthen the Labor movement.

Kimberly is also president of Pride at Work NYC/LI- an AFL-CIO constituency group.  Pride at Work relies on the support of workers and allies around the country for our important work to make unions better for LGBTQ people and connect the LGBTQ community to the labor movement. The ALF-CIO is different from UFCW in that it reaches members in the trade unions, where there is a large need for representation and job protection.

 "The work I participate in at OUTreach and Pride at Work is very near and dear to my heart.  Coming from Labor, our first goal is to make our member’s lives better.  We do that through union representation, union benefits and pensions.  That we get to add another level of protection to our LGBT members is an honor. As a lesbian, mother and union member, I am honored to help, educate and train members and staff to make sure that our LGBT community is protected at work and have the same quality of life as every other human."

Kimberly holds a BA in accounting, and a Masters in Business Administration from Adelphi University.

Organisation: OUTreach