ILGA strategic plan survey

Dear members of ILGA,
the Executive Board of ILGA World is drafting a proposed strategic plan for the period of 2019 to 2023.

This survey is one way that you can let the Board know what is important to ILGA's members.

Whose strategic plan?

This survey is being conducted as part of the planning process of ILGA World, headquartered in Geneva. Although each regional body of ILGA may adopt its own strategic plan, this survey is not part of any regional planning process.

Who approves the strategic plan?

ILGA's membership has the final say on the strategic plan. The Board will present its proposed plan for the membership to consider at the ILGA World Conference in Wellington, New Zealand in March, 2019.

Who can take this survey?

Anyone associated with an ILGA member organization can take this survey. This includes anyone who is a member, a staff person, a volunteer, or who has any other affiliation with the organization.

What happens to the data that I provide to ILGA?

ILGA is committed to protecting your privacy. ILGA's privacy statement sets out how ILGA uses and protects any information that you give us through this survey. This survey uses the SurveyMonkey web platform and requires the use of SSL encryption. SurveyMonkey's privacy policy and security statement set out how your data is used by SurveyMonkey.

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