World Economic Forum: ILGA data featured in report advancing LGBT+ inclusion


ILGA publications are quoted in the Open for Business report on inclusive cities presented in Davos, where also the Global LGBTI Standards for Business were presented

(opening image:Twitter / Open For Business)

ILGA data and information were featured in the public discourse on advancing LGBTI equality during the 2018 World Economic Forum, which concludes today in Davos, Switzerland.

A number of ILGA’s most recent publications served as one of the sources for the annual report produced by Open For Business, a  coalition of 24 global companies making the case that inclusive, diverse societies are better for business and better for economic growth.

Data from our 2017 State-Sponsored Homophobia report and the 2017 ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey on Sexual, Gender and Sex Minorities, in partnership with Viacom, Logo and SAGE, as well as news reported in our weekly LGBulleTIn, was featured in the report’s overview, analyzing how far we have reached in terms of legal protection for our communities worldwide, and of social attitudes towards us.

This year’s Open for Business report focuses on cities that are advancing economically while also being LGBT+ inclusive, and ILGA maps on sexual orientation laws in the world are quoted as a primary source for the analysis of global data on LGBT+ inclusion in cities.

Open For Business: strengthening the economic case explains that inclusive cities are better placed to develop their global economic competitiveness. The document also established the Open for Business City Ratings, a guide of 121 global cities that shows how “open for business” they are – inclusive, progressive and economically competitive: evidence shows that LGBT+ inclusion goes hand-in-hand with higher levels of innovation, a stronger skills base and higher quality of living in a city, all of which contribute to better economic performance and higher per capita GDP.

ILGA is delighted to see how LGBTI rights and equality are being featured more and more in the agenda of such a global stage as the World Economic Forum. During these days in Davos, United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner presented the global LGBTI standards for Business, and announced that 20 new companies are joining the 55 “early supporters” of the Standards.

As Zeid explained: “If we are to achieve faster global progress towards equality for LGBTI people, businesses will not only have to meet their human rights responsibilities, they must become active agents of change.”


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