Amasai Jeke

Amasai Jeke
Representative of the Youth Steering Committee for Oceania

Ms. Amasai Jeke (she/her) is an adamant and very outspoken person who adores and thrives in creating awareness and advocating on human rights, mainly on transgender rights. She works on LGBTQI rights and equality for Rainbow Pride Foundation (RPF) and coordinates the Transgender Reference Group for RPF.

Ms. Jeke is also a member of the Women’s Major Group for Sustainable Development and Women & Gender Constituency for Climate Change Negotiations with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency at UNFCCC.

She is also a working group member for the peer support group on sexual and reproductive health and rights and the Pacific Urgent Action Hub on Climate & Ecological Justice, which works with LGBTQI people in the grassroots community.

organisation: Rainbow Pride Foundation (Fiji)