Join our webinar: State-Sponsored Homophobia report in Spanish


On Monday May 27 ILGA World, with the support of ILGALAC, will launch the 13th edition of the State-Sponsored Homophobia report in Spanish.

The English version of the report was launched in March 2019 in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, during the 30th ILGA World Conference.

We now invite you all to the launch webinar about the report in Spanish!


• Luz Elena Aranda (Co-Secretary General, ILGA World)
• Lucas Ramón Mendos (Senior Research Officer at ILGA World and author of the report)
• Diana Carolina Prado Mosquera (Senior Officer on UN Advocacy - United Nations, UPR, HRC and SDGs, ILGA World)
• Darío Arias (Co-Chair, ILGALAC)
• Pedro Paradiso Sottile (Executive Director, ILGALAC)

Time on Monday, May 27:

Los Angeles 09:00
Managua 10:00
San José 10:00
Bogotá 11:00
Mexico City 11:00
Panama 11:00
Caracas 12:00
La Paz 12:00
Buenos Aires 13:00
Rio de Janeiro 13:00
Geneva 18:00
Madrid 18:00

How can I participate?

No need for prior registration. At the time corresponding to your city, enter the following link:
You can also participate by phone, through a local call. Find out here ( the local phone number you should call and, once the communication has started, enter the meeting number (Meeting ID #) 862 191 591. The webinar will be held in Spanish.

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