Webinar * CESCR – a practical guide on advocating on gender identity and gender expression


CESCR – a practical guide on advocating
on gender identity and gender expression


Date: Thursday 28 January 2021
Time: 3 PM Central European Time
Language: English, Spanish interpretation available 

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How to advocate on gender identity and gender expression with the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR), one of the United Nations’ Treaty Bodies?

ILGA World is hosting a webinar for trans-led organisations and for those working on gender identity and expression, to look at how specific challenges faced by trans persons to their social, economic and cultural rights can be addressed by the CESCR.

In October 2020, ILGA World released a practical guide on the issue: in this event we will introduce the publication to our partners, and discuss ways in which trans-led organisations and collectives can productively engage with the CESCR.

During the last few years, the Committee has been paying more and more attention to problems faced by trans people in different parts of the globe.  Moreover, its recommendations have the potential to foster change on the ground - especially on the right to health, education, employment, housing, sanitation, family, cultural life and scientific progress.

By engaging with CESCR, defenders can obtain recommendations on these issues to help shape laws and policies in their own country, bring individual cases that will create jurisprudence to help trans persons globally, or even contribute to shaping the Committee’s own interpretation of the rights within the Covenant.


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