Listen to the voices of LBTI women human rights defenders


In the first months of 2018, ILGA continued to support LBTI women human rights defenders who came to Geneva to engage with different UN Treaty Bodies.

Throughout 2018, ILGA pledged to focus on promoting advocacy of lesbian and bisexual women in this UN mechanism, where their experiences still remain largely invisible. Published on the occasion of Lesbian Visibility Day, this video invites you to listen to their voices. 


Here are recommendations/questions made by CEDAW andHRCtee following defenders’ advocacy:

CEDAW recommended Chile to adopt the draft Law on Same-sex Marriage and the draft Gender Identity Law, and to ensure that filiation and parental rights are protected.

Republic of Korea:
CEDAW recommended the Republic of Korea to ensure that LB women are covered by anti-discrimination legislation and domestic violence legislation. The State party has to report about implementation of these two recommendations in 2 years.

The FYR Macedonia:
CEDAW asked Macedonia if the new anti-discrimination legislation will prohibit discrimination based on SOGI, and requested information on intersecting forms of discrimination faced by LBTI women.

CEDAW requested Nepal to provide information on the situation of LBT women.

El Salvador:
Recommendations not published yet.

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