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date of consideration: 22 January 2019

During the 32nd UPR Working Group Sessions, Chile received 7 SOGIESC recommendations. It accepted 4 recommendations and noted 3.

summary and SOGIESC recommendations of the 32nd Working Group
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date of consideration: Tuesday 28 January 2014

Accepted recommendations: Review its Penal Code, namely article 373, and other laws in order to prevent discrimination against LGBTI persons; Support new laws and measures to counter discriminatory attitudes in society and to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity by providing public education and supporting equality initiatives; Keep working on awareness measures, including in schools, to combat discriminatory attitudes based on sexual orientation; Make sure that sexual and reproductive rights are respected and protected (Chile stated that abortion is not a part of the rights of sexual and reproductive health for women.)

Rejected recommendations: Preserve and promote the identity of the family, recognizing its foundation in the union of man and woman, based on free consent; Protect the right to the family, being the natural and fundamental group of society based upon the stable relationship between a woman and a man

Human Rights Council. Oral Statement. UPR Outcome

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date of consideration: Friday 8 May 2009

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