Mani AQ

Mani AQ
Representative of the Trans Steering Committee for Asia

Mani (he/him) is the Co-Founder of HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations and working as a Program Executor in the organization. HOPE works on:

  • Enhancement of Mental Health.
  • Providing safe-space / community center.
  • Sensitization & Counselling Sessions.
  • Monetary Support in emergency as well as support to access healthcare services especially mental health.
  • Providing Legal Assistance
  • Establishing a database to of employment vacancies for the community.

He is the first transgender man who changed his name and gender legally even before the Transgender Protection of Rights Act 2018 was passed, and now is helping others to get their gender marker change. Also, he was the part of the Transgender Bill process and now working hard on policies making and implementation of the Act. In addition to that he is closely working with the medical sector so that the community will get equal chances to pursue their medical transition under medical supervision, as well as to prove medical aid to LBT persons to avail medical facility to improve their mental health. Mani was one of the steering committee member of CALEM.EU which works on issues related to SOGIE.

He is an administrator of secret Facebook & WhatsApp groups for transgender men in Pakistan as well as Muslim transgender men globally. The groups function like a virtual safe space and provide transgender men in the country an opportunity to freely express themselves without fear of being exposed or of censure from anyone - they can also network with other transgender men from across Pakistan, share knowledge and strategize together. He is also networking with allies to build contacts, associations and relationships with people who are not from the community but can support the LGBTI community by introducing policy changes to improve the situation for LGBTI people in Pakistan.​

Organisation: HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations