Taha Laroussi

Taha Laroussi (he/him) is a junior consultant in the ILGA World Research programme. He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology and is a committed human rights defender and LGBTIQ+ activist from Morocco. 

With his dedication towards reproducing of knowledge and documentation, Taha is a researcher with ongoing research projects with Tanit, working with marginalized LGBTIQ+ and sex workers communities in his region, to archive their stories, and their encrypted languages. He also contributed to the archive “Queer Presentation” in Moroccan media.

Furthermore, He is currently working on “OUT in Morocco” with Report Out, a national-wide study to document human rights abuses on Moroccan LGBTIQ+ in partnership with local organisations and activists, and many other contributions. 

Passionate about social justice and representation, he dedicated his life to honouring marginalised communities and empowering youth, which made him a committed member of local and global youth organizations. He strongly believes in intersectional feminism values and human rights, and he aims to have a meaningful contribution to the world.