New factsheets on the SOGIESC-related work of three Special Procedures

ILGA and ISHR have released new factsheets looking through the SOGIESC-related work of three Special Procedures: 

These factsheets list the references and recommendations made by these experts regarding LGBTI persons, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics.

Focusing on the Special Procedures that have made the most regular and in-depth references to issues affecting LGBTI persons, the factsheets examine all thematic reports, reports arising from country visits, and communications sent to different States in the past years. 

The three new factsheets add themselves to those that ILGA and ISHR have already compiled on twelve other Special Procedures and their SOGIESC-related work.
These summaries include those about the:

All of them are available by clicking on the links above, or from the “resource” tab of the Special Procedures page on our website.

There are also upcoming opportunities to engage with the UN Special Procedures: the Special Rapporteur on poverty is soon going to visit the United Kingdom and Malaysia; Egypt and France will be visited by the Special Rapporteur on housing, and the Special Rapporteur on privacy is organising a public consultation on “Gender Perspectives of Privacy.”

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact us for more information.

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