ILGA World releases UPR Advocacy Toolkit in Russian and Portuguese for activists working on SOGIESC issues


Today ILGA World is proud to launch its SOGIESC UPR Advocacy Toolkit in Russian and Portuguese.

Developed together with 14 civil society organisations and all the six regions of ILGA, since its publication in 2017 this toolkit has been used by many LGBTI human rights defenders worldwide, who had this to be an excellent hands-on guide on how to successfully engage with the Universal Periodic Review process at the United Nations. 

At ILGA World, we have always been committed to making this guide available in more languages other than English and Spanish. Over the years, we also launched French and Arabic versions of the SOGIESC UPR Advocacy Toolkit, and we are happy for Russian and Portuguese translations to be added to that list.

Making resources available in more languages is key to making international advocacy spaces accessible to even more human rights defenders - something that we at ILGA World are always striving for!

Download the SOGIESC UPR Advocacy Toolkit 
in Russianin Portuguese

The document is also available for download
 in English | in Spanish | in French | in Arabic

The cover of ILGA World's SOGIESC UPR Advocacy Toolkit in Russian and Portuguese

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