Renae Green

Renae Green
ILGA North America & the Caribbean co-Chair

Renae Green (she/her) is an LGBTQ, youth, and women’s rights advocate who is committed and passionate about her work with the community. Renae has served as the LGBT representative on the Jamaica Country Coordinating Mechanism for the Global fund (JCCM) for two years and currently now serves as the NGO alternate. She is also the Jamaica representative for the UCTRANS which is the only regional trans network. She served also as a Restless Development youth advocate as well as an IPPF youth advocate, both in her capacity as a sexual and reproductive health rights advocate.

Additionally, she brings with her regional and international exposure through her participation in human rights workshops, conferences, and training. She also sits on the civil society steering committee for the spotlight initiative to end gender-based based violence as the sexual and reproductive health rights representative.  

Renae currently serves as the Executive Director for TransWave Jamaica, which is the only trans-led and focused organisation operating in Jamaica. Under her portfolio, she is responsible for leading the organisation and stands at the front of trans advocacy in Jamaica.

organisation: TransWave Jamaica