on the side of more than 30,000 human rights defenders worldwide


Over the past three years, - the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism implemented by a Consortium of international civil society organisations that includes ILGA World - has emerged as a solid, successful and crucial tool for at-risk human rights defenders, and as an increasingly referenced instrument within the international human rights defenders community.

As per the three-years report, has stepped up the practical support available to human rights defenders at risk and local human rights NGOs, and mobilised resources in favour of at least 30,018 defenders in a timely and comprehensive manner. aims at reaching out to the less connected and particularly targeted defenders, and these groups (such as women human rights defenders, LGBTI+ rights defenders, land and environment rights defenders, indigenous rights defenders, or defenders from remote areas) represent approximately 75% of the beneficiaries.

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the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism




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