Pan Africa ILGA condemns the prosecution and sentencing of a gay couple arrested in Zambia


(this is a statement issued by Pan Africa ILGA,
in response to the news of two male adults in Zambia
receiving a 15-year sentence for having consensual sex

Pan Africa ILGA condemns the prosecution and sentencing of a gay couple arrested in Zambia.

The arrest follows the invasion of privacy that occurred when the two parties were seen being intimate by a housekeeper.

This in itself is a gross violation of privacy and by extension, an assault on the dignity of the parties. We therefore strongly implore the concerned arms of the Zambian government to challenge this homophobic and dated trajectory of their laws and the application of such laws. This is because where people's privacy has been invaded, it is clearly an assault on their fundamental rights to privacy as provided by extant laws and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights and constitutes the impairment of one's right to practice their full identity as a human being.

The harsh 15-year sentence meted out to the two consenting adults has shocked the world and is a blow to the continued global efforts to decriminalise same-sex consensual sexual conduct as well as to enact laws which protect LGBTIQ+ rights and liberties.

We join the international audience that is speaking against this miscarriage of justice. We call on Africans as well as the international human rights defenders, governments and relevant stakeholders to embolden the voice that decries the homophobic laws that are used to persecute queer Africans today.

Pan Africa ILGA

Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) is the African chapter of
the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.
PAI is dedicated to supporting LGBTI organising
in the promotion and protection of LGBTI rights in Africa.

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