Open letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino from the Sport & Rights Alliance


(Nyon, 10 October 2019) - Iran will play its FIFA World Cup qualifier football match against Cambodia tomorrow in Tehran at Azadi (Freedom) Stadium under a cloud of belligerent gender discrimination and severe risks to the women who are challenging the system.

Despite FIFA's public statements that Iran must allow women equal access to purchase tickets and safely enter stadiums without restrictions and in numbers determined by demand for tickets, still just a small fraction of tickets have been designated seating for women only. Furthermore, the sections will be fenced off, posing significant fan safety issues, while 150 female police officers will be positioned among the women fans to monitor and intimidate them.

The Sport & Rights Alliance (SRA), a global coalition of NGOs and trade unions committed to embedding human rights and anti-corruption in the world of sport, calls on FIFA to ensure the safety of the female fans, activists and journalists affected by the ongoing restrictions and for FIFA to enforce its rules against gender-based discrimination in light of its responsibilities and commitments under business and human rights standards and its own human rights policy.

Click here to read the letter that the SRA sent to FIFA President Gianni Infantino

Organisations forming the Sports and Rights Alliance

(opening photo via Human Rights Watch)


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