Oishi Sengupta

Oishi (they/them) is the junior consultant for events and logistics at ILGA World. While they were raised by and between Delhi and Kolkata, they are presently based in Vienna, Austria. They completed their BA in English literature from Ambedkar University Delhi, MA in English from the University of Delhi, and their second MA in Critical Gender Studies from Central European University with a specialisation in the research track.

They work as a freelance translator for queer asylum seekers in Austria, translating social and legal counselling sessions from Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, and French into English. They are firmly committed to being a community organiser for queer kith and kin regardless of where they are based. This continues to inform their approach to any work they do where care becomes the guiding principle for curating spaces. Their academic interests lie at the critical intersections of queerness, anticolonialism, and decarceration to imagine radical forms of resistance especially amidst rising global trends of political violence. Their MA thesis titled Archiving Care; Perspectives on Transnational Queer-Feminism from Urban New Delhi primarily argued that quotidian practices of care can be envisioned as a queer-feminist intervention into social movements amidst the rising political violence in India.

Outside of work, they are low-key proud of their taste in music, love to cook huge portions of food and learn new languages, all while being loved and sustained by the community that makes it all possible.