Enama Ossomba Jean Paul Bienvenu

Enama Jean Paul (he/him) is the current Executive Director of Humanity First Cameroon, which is an organisation engaged in the fight against HIV and for the promotion of the rights of LGBTI persons. His activism and commitment have contributed to improve the life conditions of many young LGBTI persons in Cameroon, especially for those living with HIV.

He is interested in public health issues concerning the community of men who have sex with men. He has recently conducted an advocacy work which led to SOGIESC recommendations formulated to Cameroon during the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review. 

Thsi is his first time to be a board member for Pan Africa ILGA and ILGA World. His leitmotif within its mandate is to increase the participation of French speaking regions at the next PAI conference and to actively work for the advancement of LGBTI rights in Africa and around the world.

organisation: Humanity First Cameroon (Cameroon)