Jay Mulucha

Mulucha Jay (he/him) is a Ugandan Transgender man who is the executive director and founder of Fem Alliance Uganda an LBT organization.

Jay started his activism and Human Rights work in 2010 by working as a communications manager at an LBTI organization called Freedom and Roam.
He is also a focal person of the security committee at Sexual minorities Uganda (SMUG) and currently sits on various boards which include being on the over sight committee of the Most at Risk Populations (MARPS) Network, Steering committee of East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network (EATHAN), Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) as a member and Alternate Trans Secretary at the Trans secretariat of ILGA Wworld.
Jay holds a certificate in leadership skills and did computer science at Kampala International University. Jay is also a basketball player, qualified basketball coach and referee and also manages the only queer basketball team in Uganda.

Jay Mulucha derives passion from trying to make Africa and the world a friendlier place for the current and future LGBTI individuals.  

organisation: Fem Alliance Uganda (Uganda)