The International Intersex Forum will be downsized to prioritise the health, safety, and well-being of all scholars and participants, the organising committee announced.

The global gathering of intersex changemakers will take place in LA Long Beach, United States, from 9 to 12 May 2022 as planned. However, to mitigate risks for the intersex activists who have already received a scholarship and confirmed their participation, the forum – a kind of gathering allowing only for a limited number of participants – will not open for further registrations.

The stringent measures were taken after careful consideration by the organising committee, taking into account the significant risks that Covid-19 can have on participants who are immunocompromised or are at greater risk of severe health complications, and the additional hurdles these may have brought for intersex activists – in particular for those coming from Global South countries.

“We wholeheartedly express our deep regret for what this means for the intersex activists that were planning to attend this event,” said members of the organising committee, “but we are working to make sure that the dialogues happening at the International Intersex Forum will still include voices from our diverse and global community.”

The organising committee has strived to ensure a balance in representation of intersex scholars and activists from all regions of the world.

Moreover, to ensure that upcoming International Intersex Forums can reflect the growth of the movement and have a representation from different emerging voices around the world, the committee is investigating possibilities to organise consultations at the regional level after the gathering in LA Long Beach. Such additional gatherings would allow to collectively reflect on the future of the International Intersex Forum, its size, and possible other formats.

For further information on the decision, and upcoming activities, we invite activists to write to [email protected].

In solidarity,
The International Intersex Forum Committee