You are welcome in the ILGA World family!

We are a federation of 1,801 organisations from 168 countries and territories across the globe, and this is your chance to join us.

There are two types of ILGA World memberships: full membership is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex non-profit organisations, while associate membership is open to any other association. All members must support the aims of ILGA.



Does your organisation want to become a member? Follow this link to apply!

The executive board of ILGA World will review your application during its next meeting, and our secretariat will get in touch with you shortly after that.


Benefits of being a ILGA World member

  • access to international and regional networking, including regional conferences
  • access to trainings, study visits, lobbying trips
  • access to improving advocacy capacity and opportunities
  • participation in decision making processes in the biggest global LGBTI organization
  • leadership development opportunities
  • access to information about the global situation of LGBTI people
  • shaping the future of the movement and activities of the regional and World offices and choosing conference host cities by voting in World and regional elections
  • closer cooperation with World and regional offices – potential engagement with the UN, EC and others – applicants from member organisations receive priority
  • scholarship applicants from member organisations receive priority
  • strength in numbers, global solidarity


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Membership fees are set by the ILGA membership. Changes to the membership fee may only be made by the World Conference (see C7.6(l) of the ILGA World Constitution).

In 2019 the ILGA World Conference passed a resolution confirming that ILGA will establish a sliding scale for annual membership fees paid by members in all six ILGA regions.
This new membership fee structure will be based on each organization’s size, capacity and annual budget.

The ILGA World Board is therefore currently working on a new proposed fee structure to bring to the next World Conference in 2021 for the membership to discuss and vote on. In the meantime, the current fees are as follows:

Full membership

Organisations located in countries classified as high-income economies by the World Bank are asked to pay EUR 150.
Organisations located in countries other than those mentioned in the list must pay EUR 30.
Larger organisations with annual budgets of more than 200,000 euros are encouraged to pay EUR 300 per year, wherever they are based.

Associate members

Organisations registered as associate members must pay EUR 300.


Membership fees in 2021 - ILGA World understands that, at the beginning of 2021 many of our member organisations are facing financial challenges. If your organisation is amongst them, ILGA World is pleased to announce that it will - upon request - grant a reduction of 50% in membership fees for 2021. You can write to [email protected] for further information.


ILGA World has a current practice, confirmed by the ILGA World Board at its meeting in October 2018, whereby ILGA World member organisations wishing to exercise the rights of a member [including but not limited to voting; having a person from your organisation run for a position (including alternate) at the World or Regional level; having a person from your organisation participate in an ILGA Steering Committee (under Section C6 of the Constitution); nominating a person for a board, alternate or committee position; having a person from your organisation participate as a member of the Chairing Pool at an ILGA World or Regional conference; bidding to host a World Conference] are required to pay the three most recent years of their annual fees (i.e. the current calendar year and the previous two years).
Organisations that have been members for less than three years are required to pay all outstanding annual fees.

Section C4.6 of the ILGA World Constitution reads: “If a member does not pay the annual membership fee within 3 months after being given notice that the fee is due, the member will not be able to exercise the rights of a member as set out in this constitution until such time as any outstanding fees have been paid.”

Please note: an organisation remains a member of ILGA World even if they do not cover their membership fees. ILGA does not expel members who do not pay fees. The implications of not paying fees include not being able to exercise members rights on both regional and World level (e.g. voting, running in Executive Board elections, nominating for Executive Board position, participating in Chairing Pool, bidding for conference host). 

ILGA World sends out annual membership fees beginning of the year in January.
The fees are sent out via email with enclosed link to a payment page. The payment page is already pre-populated with your organizational data and you would only need to confirm and chose a payment method. You can pay by PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer. The payment link is valid for 30 days and in case you need a new link to be send, you can send an email to [email protected].
Payment reminders are being send out in March.

All members must support the aims of ILGA World.

Under the Constitution, a member may be suspended from ILGA membership by the ILGA World Executive Board for failure to comply with the ILGA World Constitution by at least a 50% plus 1 majority of its members voting for the suspension. The suspension, unless revoked by the Executive Board, shall remain in force until the next World Conference. 

The ILGA World Board at its April 2020 Board meeting has determined that it will make such a decision after a considered recommendation is received from the ILGA World Board Ethics Committee following an investigation using the board-approved ILGA World Complaints Procedure, and arriving at its final recommendation will ensure that the following additional points are also considered when determining whether a member organisation has failed to comply with the aims and objectives of ILGA World:

(a) the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness;

(b) reasonable interpretation of “supporting the aims of ILGA World” includes any policies, values and rules of ILGA World; and
(c) “Supporting the aims of ILGA World” is more than merely expressing support for those aims, it is also based on the actions of the member organisation."

The ILGA World Board Ethics Committee is a committee of five ILGA World Board members appointed by the Board.

Under the Constitution, a member may be expelled from membership by motion at a World Conference for failure to comply with the ILGA World Constitution. Members facing the possibility of expulsion have the right to present their defence.

ILGA World has existed since 1978 and some organisations that have joined have subsequently ceased to exist.

ILGA World frequently reviews its list of member organisations to remove those that have ceased to exist. Before any organisation is removed, extensive due diligence is carried out to make contact and determine if they still exist, including in collaboration with the ILGA regional structures where the organisation is based.

ILGA membership is for life, unless the organisation is suspended or expelled or withdraws. 

Members are not suspended or expelled for non-payment of fees (but they may not exercise the rights of a member without paying fees). Notwithstanding, a member may decide that they still wish to leave ILGA World. Member organisations may at any request to cease to be a member organisation of ILGA World by sending a letter from the authorised representative of the organisations to [email protected], explaining that the member organisation would like to withdraw its membership from ILGA World (and consequently also the relevant regional ILGA entity - eg ILGA-Europe, ILGALAC etc) and setting out the reasons for leaving.