María Roques de Borda

María Roques de Borda (she/her) is an Argentinian lawyer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, specialized in Public International Law. She is a researcher, activist and teacher centered in the studies of Human Rights and SOGIESC issues in particular.

She carried out several research projects in relation with LGBTI+ matters, including her participation in 2020's UNICEN's Colloquium, where she presented her investigation regarding "The U.S. Trans Military Ban and International Humanitarian Law" which will be soon published.

She has been an activist on the rights of LGBTI+ people for years, currently collaborating with local NGO It Gets Better Argentina.

In 2019 María represented Argentina in the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Geneva, where together with her coagent she won Best Memorial in English. In 2020 she was a member of the University of Buenos Aires’ team in the Jean-Pictet Competition in Denpasar, where the team was finalist of English rounds. She is currently part of the University's coaching team.

She has worked many years for the judiciary power of Argentina as a legal assistant. There, she also collaborated directly with authorities when cases regarding LGBTI+ rights approached the Court.
María has also been part of the teaching staff at the University of Buenos Aires, in the course of Public International Law chaired by Dr. Armas Pfirter since 2018 where, among other things, she shares jurisprudence with a special emphasis in cases involving LGBTI+ matters and feminism.