María Alejandra Gonzales Silva

María Alejandra Gonzales (she/her) is an advocate in the realm of social change, minority rights, and inclusive communication, who has been actively working in this field for the last four years. Pursuing dual degrees in Philosophy and Journalism with a focus on Gender and diversity studies. Before joining ILGA World, María Alejandra worked with Colombia Diversa on the rights of LGBTIQ persons rights and La Mesa por La Vida y La Salud de las Mujeres on women's reproductive rights - two of the most important organisations in Colombia in their respective areas.

Likewise, 2022, María Alejandra served as the vice president of the University's Student Council of the Universidad del Rosario, co-leading an all-female team that prioritised diversity, equity, and social inclusion. In this capacity, she collaborated with various groups and organisations to defend the rights of women, LGBTIQ+ people, indigenous and Afro-descendant populations, and people with disabilities or neurodiversity within the university community. Together with this, she participated for two years in the Resolution Committee of the Protocol for the Prevention and Attention to Violence and Gender Discrimination, a groundbreaking initiative within the country's university landscape.

María Alejandra's dedication to advocacy goes beyond her studies. She founded Furore Alba, the Women's Committee of the School of Human Sciences' Student Council, authored equity-focused columns for América en contexto, and contributed articles to Plaza Capital. Additionally, she volunteered as a journalist with Rutas del Conflicto.

Committed to human rights advocacy from an intersectional perspective, María Alejandra finds inspiration in art, knowledge, and culture. She also has a deep love for the ocean, stargazing, and her loyal canine companion, Honey.