Macarena Murugarren

Macarena Murugarren (she/her) is an intersex activist from Argentina and a junior consultant in the Sex Characteristics Programme at ILGA World. She holds a degree in Literature and Discourse Analysis and a teaching degree in Spanish and Literature, both from the National University of Córdoba. She has conducted over four years of research on intersex theory, gender theory, and feminism for her Bachelor's thesis, which analyzes the representation of the intersex body in photography. She is part of a University research group that centres on gender theory and emotions, and her research is centred on cultural representations of diverse bodies.

She started the organization Potencia Intersex alongside three other intersex activists in Argentina. For the last three years, she has been working towards the visibility of her community and defending their human rights. She has organized workshops, art projects, and events to educate about intersex people's experiences and demands. She is dedicated to spreading Latin American activism and advocating for increased opportunities for activists from the Global South to engage in global activism.

She is particularly passionate about artistic languages and their power to transform narratives and people's outlooks on the world. She writes poetry and has developed "Nosotrxs, intersex", a zine that showcases art by Latin American intersex artists.