Lucas Ramón Mendos

Lucas Ramón Mendos (he/him) is a lawyer graduated at the University of Buenos Aires (cum laude), as well as a professor and researcher, with a Master's degree in Sexuality and Law from the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA (cum laude). With more than 15 years of experience working in the public sector, international organisations and civil society organisations, he has focused his career on sexual and gender diversity issues in the field of international and comparative law for more than a decade.

As Research Manager at ILGA World, he leads the organisation's global research work. In this position, he oversees the creation and implementation of high-impact projects that further ILGA World's mission, such as the ILGA World Database or the ILGA World Monitor.

Prior to joining ILGA World, he worked at the LGBTI Rapporteurship of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the Williams Institute of the University of California at Los Angeles and the Swedish LGBTQ Federation (RFSL). In Argentina, he served as an advisor on diversity issues at the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, and intervened in international litigation and as a defence lawyer for asylum seekers at the National Public Defender's Office (Defensoría General de la Nación).

In addition to his work at ILGA World, he is also a guest lecturer in several academic courses on sexuality and law. Through his work as a professor, he has the privilege of inspiring and guiding the next generation of LGBT human rights defenders around the world.