LGBTI voices Not Being Heard at 7th Summit of the Americas

On the occasion of the 7th Summit of the America, preceded by a Forum of Civil Society and Social Partners to promote consultation mechanisms, dialogue and exchange, and to consider inputs and recommendations to the heads of State delegations participating to Summit, ILGA’s Co-Secretary General Helen Kennedy, in Panama City with a large delegation of LGBTI activists, said: "We came here to Panama City with the expectation of a Summit ready to listen to the voices of LGBTI organisations and activists on issues affecting millions of people in the continent, as the presence of prominent representatives from the 35 countries from the region make this the most important political forum of the Americas.”

“Unfortunately – continued Kennedy – these expectations have turned to bitter disappointment as repeated attempts by ILGA representatives to include LGBTI specific language in important policy documents were denied, while the ‘Health and education forum’ discussion refused to acknowledge intersex people, sogi and non-traditional families.”

“This is a sad day – ended ILGA’s Co-Secretary General – for a Summit whose theme this year is ‘Prosperity with Equity’ and a disappointment, in the light of the recent progresses of the Americas in the recognition of LGBTI rights including marriage equality, the recognition of self-perceived gender identity, homoparental adoption and development of inclusive public policies.”

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