(video) LGBTI issues at the 52nd UN Human Rights Council


How will LGBTI human rights and SOGIESC issues be addressed during the 52nd UN Human Rights Council?

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Transcription of the video

The first session of the year of the UN Human Rights Council starts today!

The 52nd session will occur at the United Nations in Geneva between 27 February and 4 April 2023.
ILGA World will be there for you, as always!
We look forward to amplifying the voices of LGBTI activists and civil society worldwide.

The first three days will be dedicated to the High-Level Segment.
This is where leaders worldwide will share more about their human rights priorities and achievements.
We will follow closely to track how they will address issues around sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics.

ILGA World will also join the high-level panel discussion on the question of the death penalty.
To date, 6 UN member States have laws that impose the death penalty for consensual same-sex sexual acts. In other 5, the law can be interpreted as imposing such punishment.
We will call the attention of the Council to this reality and the need to take concrete steps to abolish the death penalty.

During the session, we will also participate in interactive dialogues with Special Procedures mandate holders and ensure that the voices of our communities are heard.
This time our focus will be on women in all their diversity.

We will address the different forms of ill-treatment against LGBT persons, particularly trans women, and the challenges of these groups to access effective prosecutions of acts of torture.

We will also look at the intersections between environmental crisis, sexual orientation and gender identity and the impact of systems that exploit natural resources on the lives of lesbian, bisexual, and trans women and girls.

Throughout the 52nd Human Rights Council, ILGA World will look out for our communities and ensure our voices are heard.
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