Since they are women, lesbians suffer a double discrimination by society: the first is society’s hostility towards homosexuals because of their sexual orientation; the second is due to sexism, the fact that they are women.

This is why the term “lesbophobia”, more and more frequently used, is important. It emphasizes the specific difficulties that they encounter. Gathering information on the subject is a difficult task. The SOS homophobia help line shows us that lesbians testify much less than gay men. Only one call in five comes from a woman. Due to this fact, the Lesbophobia Committee of the association decided to undertake a survey of lesbians in France and gathered almost 1800 responses from November 2003 to January 2004. The preliminary results are already available and are significant: 57% of the lesbians who responded related having been victims of lesbophobia. For almost half of these responders, 45%, the discrimination occurred in their daily lives - on the street, in public transportation, in public places - as well as in their families (44%). One woman in four encountered lesbophobia on the part of her friends. The same proportion mention having experienced it at work. Equally worrying is the fact that 10% of the responders reported lesbophobia in the medical field, and 4% during gynecological consultations. This situation has been confirmed by similar studies in Belgium, Canada and Moldavia that indicate a medical corps badly adapted - even hostile - towards LGBT people.

In the attached document (see above) you will find our brochure 2006. A publication with our analysis of the survey will come out during the first half of 2007.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at at lesbophobie@sos-homophobie.org


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