Kenya / Queer Cinema Comes : The 1st OUT Film Festival 2011

Gay Kenya, in conjunction with the Swiss Embassy and the Goethe Institute is proud to announce the first ever OUT Film Festival!

This festival aims to showcase films, documentaries, features and plays revolving around LGBT persons in Africa mostly.

The dates for the festival are September 9-10 at the Goethe Institute, Nairobi and will feature visiting movie makers who will lead plenary discussions as well as give participants a chance to interact and share with them.

Organizers say that this is the first time in Kenya that queer films are being showcased for public viewing.

According to Kevin M., from Gay Kenya this is also a chance to highlight issues affecting the queer community.

‘We have a chance to show Kenya that gay people are here and these are our lives, stories, love, challenges and many more.’

The event will be an annual festival. The online programme is available here

Some of the films will include Fluorescent Sin and 7 years, that are Kenyan films and documentaries on gays and lesbians in Kenya.

The opening will be graced by the Swiss Ambassador and will include talks by David Kuria, Executive Director of Gay Kenya as well as a gay film director.

According to organizers, one of the films Kuchus of Uganda will be on gays in Uganda and will be in honor of slain Ugandan activist David Kato.

Also in the film line up is Jihad for Love, a film on gay Muslims who face challenges reconciling their faith and sexuality. It has won several awards and hailed for its portrayal of queer Muslims.

This event will also give Gay Kenya a chance to showcase its work through a booth and desk at the entrance of the venue.

Pamphlets, reading materials, books and videos will be available to the participants at the event.

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