Jo  Matos

Jo  Matos  (they/them) is a Junior Consultant for the Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics Programme at ILGA World.  
They started their work in LGBTQI advocacy and activism 4 years ago in an LGBTI youth organisation in Portugal. Jo started out by facilitating non-formal and peer education sessions in schools regarding the topics of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics. They have kept going, organizing trans, non-binary and gender-questioning youth encounters in order to break the isolation felt by this community. 
They have taken a special interest in trans and intersex healthcare and laws, having written a guide about Trans Laws and Healthcare in Portugal in order to make the information more easily accessible to the public, especially the youth. They have also contributed to the creation of the first LGBTI National Health Strategy which focuses on Trans and Intersex Health in Portugal. 
Jo is from Lisbon, Portugal, and lived abroad for a few years in the United Arab Emirates before returning to complete their university studies in Psychology. They are passionate about empowering youth through knowledge and education.