Ilia Hionidou-Mooney

Ilia Hionidou-Mooney (she/her) is ILGA World’s Junior Consultant in Special Procedures and Sustainable Development Goals.

Ilia is a human rights advocate and holds an MSc in Gender from the London School of Economics, where her areas of focus covered postcolonial human rights analyses, transnational sexual politics, and sexual rights development policy. Her final master’s dissertation borrowed expertise from her bachelor’s degree in literature; entitled ‘Credibility, discretion and homonationalism: A discourse analysis of how UK asylum seeker policy constructs the ‘sexual citizen’, Ilia’s dissertation explored the identity-based liberation narratives that underpin conceptualisations of the ‘sexual citizen’ in UK asylum seeker claims.

Ilia has experience as a Sustainable Development Goals Officer at ReportOUT, where she has engaged with UN mechanisms to push SOGIESC research findings into international development discussions. This involves mapping Agenda 2030 onto the organisation’s strategy and research, and using the SDGs to influence invested social actors, embassies, governments, and institutions. Recently, Ilia was involved in the organisation of ReportOUT’s #SaferToBeMe global Symposium, the aim of which was to bring together global activists, practitioners, and academics in a knowledge-exchange forum on international SOGIESC developments.

In her spare time, Ilia enjoys eating good food, composing limericks, and attempting to maintain her Duolingo streak.