Nominations for ILGA World Board by 24 December

Dear ILGA member organisations,

We would like to remind you that Monday 24 December 2018 is the deadline for full ILGA member organisations to present proposals and nominations ahead of the upcoming ILGA World Conference.


By 24 December 2018, you must send in any nominations for candidates for the new ILGA World Board, such as for:

  • Co-Secretary General (2 positions)
  • Alternate Co-Secretary General (2 positions)

and for Chair of each of the five new committees:

  • Bisexual Steering Committee
  • Intersex Steering Committee
  • Trans Steering Committee
  • Women's Steering Committee
  • Youth Steering Committee

as well as any proposed changes to the ILGA Constitution or Standing Orders.

(a reminder: the deadline for bids to be the host of the 2021 ILGA World Conference is 4 February 2019!)

Members will get to vote for these positions and more during the ILGA World Conference in Wellington.

Proposals and nominations can only be made using the forms available on this page and must be sent to by 24 December 2018!
Best regards,
the ILGA World team

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