ILGA World Conference 2016 - Important Update On Scholarship And Session Proposal Applications

If you applied for a scholarship and/or a session proposal for the next ILGA World Conference in Bangkok (28 November – 2 December 2016) and your application was successful, you will have received by now an email message from ILGA with the news, and replied to it to confirm as requested.

IF YOU APPLIED FOR A SCHOLARSHIP: If you have not received any message from ILGA announcing the positive outcome of your application, it means that unfortunately, your application was not successful and that you should consider alternative sources of funding to attend the conference.

IF YOU SUBMITTED A SESSION PROPOSAL: If your proposal for a session was not selected, consider that there will be self-organised spaces available at the conference every day after 5 PM, although meeting rooms availability will be limited. Information on how to apply for a self-organised space will be available only and directly at the conference (no pre-booking is possible).


ILGA received more than 900 applications for scholarships and more than 300 proposals for sessions. Two sub-committees composed of ILGA Board Members reviewed all the applications and scored each scholarship application anonymously on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Trans, Gender non-conforming and Queer identities
  2. Intersex
  3. Bisexual
  4. Underrepresented or oppressed groups in country/region (including indigenous population, national and ethnic minorities)
  5. Underrepresented countries within regions
  6. Disability/ies
  7. Never attended an ILGA Conference
  8. Young (under 30) and Older (60+)

In the end, a list with 100 scholars and 100 reserves (to be contacted in case anyone of the first list would not reply within 7 days), and a list of 50 conference sessions were produced.

On the one hand, receiving so many applications is a clear testament to the success of ILGA conferences, however on the other hand this means that inevitably a large number of good applications and proposals had to be turned down due to funding and capacity limitations.

We do hope however, that unsuccessful applicants will be able to find alternative source of funding. We went to a great length to ensure the lowest price for a conference package. The conference package – at Euro 459 - includes 6 nights in shared double room accommodation, all meals and the attendance of the conference, if booked before July 1st.

If you still want to register, please go here. Registration closes on August 29th.

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