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Regional Program Manager, ILGA North America & The Caribbean

The image shows an orange background. Text reads: “ILGA North America & the Caribbean seeks a Regional Program Manager" and offers details about the opportunity and the deadline to apply. The ILGA North America & the Caribbean logo sits at the bottom centre of the image

The image has an orange background. Text reads: “ILGA North America & the Caribbean seeks a Regional Program Manager" and offers details about the opportunity and the deadline to apply. The ILGA North America & the Caribbean logo sits at the bottom centre of the image



The Regional Program Manager (RPM) is responsible for the overall leadership and management of ILGA North America & The Caribbean (ILGA-NAC)’s operational and administrative functions. Working under the guidance of the ILGA-NAC’s Board of Governance, the Regional Program Manager will assist the board to define the organization’s strategic vision and is accountable for its implementation and the results achieved.

The Regional Program manager maintains strong relationships with a diverse range of strategic partners that are important collaborators in ILGA-NAC’s mission, vision, and activities.

The Regional Program Manager has the responsibility and accountability toset the tone for ILGA-NAC’S internal and external interactions byexemplifying values of high ethical standards, integrity, and fairness with theboard of directors. The RPM must act in the best interests of theorganization in all contexts and is responsible for ensuring this cultureprevails across the organization’s employees and strategic partners


Duties and responsibilities

The Regional Program Manager reports directly to the ILGA-NAC Board of Governance. The Regional Program Manager works closely with the leadership of the Board of ILGA-NAC to ensure the operational and program needs of the organization are carried out.

The Regional Program Manager's primary responsibilities are as follows.

  1. Ensure that ILGA-NAC’s organizational structure, operational policies, and other processes are sound and able to deliver effectively on the strategic objectives defined by the organisation; 
  2. Effectively manage operational or financial matters to deliver on the mandate of ILGA-NAC, including by seeking additional authority from the Board as may be needed to address risks that arise proactively and effectively.
  1. Present annual plans and achievements before the Board;
  2. Plan for - and mobilize - financial resources to ensure long-term sustainability;
  3. Work closely with the Treasurer to ensure the overall transparent and effective financial and administrative functions of the organization and its assets; and
  4. Ensure statutory compliance (if applicable)
  1. Establish, develop, contribute, and maintain relations with appropriate agencies/bodies (both government and non-government) and represent the organization;
  2. Represent ILGA-NAC and its work with external strategic partners to build effective partnerships with government and non-government entities to support the work of the organization;
  3. Maintain effective communications with all strategic partners
  1. Ensure meaningful monitoring and evaluation of ILGA-NAC’s programs and performance and the provision of accurate analysis and routine reporting on the impact and performance of the programs of different donors;
  2. Oversee and advance the development of new funding streams for the organization, broadening the donor base;
  3. Ensure the highest level of confidence among institutional and individual donors in the operations of ILGA-NAC;
  4. To support the Board in its strategic leadership of the organization, the Regional Program Manager will:
    1. Report to the Board on the operational, administrative, and financial aspects of ILGA-NAC at each Board meeting;
    2. Ensure that the Board is made aware, in a timely way, of key strategic and other operational challenges the organization is encountering in the course of its work;


Candidate profile

Eligibility criteria

We encourage qualified applicants to consider work opportunities with ILGA-NAC because a diverse workforce is critical to accomplishing our mission. The organization is dedicated to taking proactive steps to overcome historical patterns of discrimination in employment which have created barriers of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, language, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression for some individuals. ILGA-NAC welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities.

  1. Experience in working with Marginalised groups in the Global South; 
  2. Experience in a similar role either at the local or global level

Knowledge and experience

Candidates for the role of Regional Program Manager will have to prove their:

  1. track record as senior managers of nationally and internationally diverse non-governmental organizations; 
  2. track record in building and strengthening a strong aspirational organizational culture based on the values of ILGA-NAC; 
  3. leadership of organizations operating in changing global contexts;
  4. exposure to a range of partnership models in both fundraising and delivery of programs;
  5. sensitivity to issues relating to diversity, gender equity, and human rights internally and externally;
  6. fluency in English and experience working in a multi-lingual environment;
  7. competency in French would be a plus
  8. substantive knowledge and experience in fundraising, program management, donor management, and collaboration.



The core competencies required for the role are:

  1. Exceptional management skills in people, finances, and systems, with a proven capacity to motivate and lead a multi-disciplinary management team to achieve organizational goals and implementation framework;
  2. Team-building ability, the capacity to instil a culture that values measurable achievement, mutual support, and compliance with organizational processes;
  3. A focus on sustainable results that deliver improved outcomes for intervened populations;
  4. A grasp of detail and an understanding of the operations of national and international development organizations;
  5. An ability to make difficult decisions when required on organizational development, balanced by experience in constructive engagement with staff on change management processes and their value to the organization as a whole
  6. A facilitative approach that enables effective delivery with and through partner organizations.
  7. A strong analytical mind and an ability to grasp the nature and direction of ILGA-NAC’s strategy and help shape it in the future;
  1. Strong public speaking and influencing skills;
  2. Presence, gravitas, humility, and empathy in dealings with partners from a variety of backgrounds;
  3. Understanding of and an ability to strategically lead resource mobilization
  1. Strong interpersonal skills;
  2. Role model of ethical standards and integrity;
  3. Familiarity and ease with a variety of cultures and comfort with diverse groups;
  4. Strength of personality and robustness of intellect;
  5. Sound judgment combined with humility and a focus on personal development and continued learning;
  6. The ability to work with a multi-constituency Board as a credible partner, informing its decisions and deriving the maximum advantage for the organization from its collective experience.



The Regional Program Manager will be in a remote position, with the ILGA-NAC office based in Toronto, Canada. The RPM will have to travel extensively across North America and the Caribbean.

Salary and other benefits

To be determined by the board.

How to apply

Candidates are to send their resume and expression of interest to ILGA North America and the Caribbean at ilganorthamerica.caribbean(at) by Wednesday 31 May 2023, indicating "Regional Program Manager" in the subject of the email.

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