New ILGA World logo: a rainbow world for the 21st Century

Today ILGA is excited to announce its new logo and visual identity!

Saying goodbye to the black-and-white globe that has represented our worldwide family for our first 40 years, our new visual style keeps the globe but brings in six shapes in six colours of the rainbow, placing them in the six regions of ILGA.

Our new logo immediately represents what ILGA is: a global organisation committed to raising the voices of LGBTI persons everywhere, united in our rainbow and regional diversity in true world-wide solidarity”, said Helen Kennedy and Ruth Baldacchino, Co-Secretaries General of ILGA. “We, the board of ILGA World, want to show an organisation that is led by its diverse members: it is their tireless drive for change that makes the queer world go round!”.

The new logo and visual identity of ILGA were created by the Portuguese designer Joana Vieira, after a public call for bids. The project was developed in close collaboration with the ILGA World Board who fed into its final design.

“We worked with the board and our designer, Joana, for a year to find the right way to depict the amazing world that is ILGA World. What we have reached is something quite beautiful and powerful: as the different colours come together, they coalesce into a diverse, colourful, rotating planet that represents our global community,” said Daniele Paletta, Senior Communications Officer at ILGA.

The new ILGA logo and visual identity are being launched amidst the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of ILGA, which will culminate during the 2019 World Conference in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“It is particularly fitting that the six regions in our logo are visually centred around the Pacific Ocean,” commented André du Plessis, Executive Director at ILGA. “This can be a surprising way of looking at the world for some, and challenges assumptions about what can be perceived as being at the ‘centre’. This is something that ILGA and our member organisations do all the time: helping the world to be seen in a different way, and bringing those who are on the margins into centre field.”


ILGA’s 40th year has a strong Pacific focus even aside from the World Conference in Wellington – which is literally on the other side of the world from where our organisation started in 1978. ILGA Oceania held its first-ever Pacific conference on the island of Samoa in August 2018; the ILGA World board approved the draft of our new strategic plan in October 2018 in Costa Rica, on the Pacific Ocean; and the 2019 ILGA Asia conference will be in Seoul, Korea in August 2019, on the other side of the same ocean: a true testament to how global our family has become in 40 years.

There is a long list of persons whose contribution has been invaluable to this work and whom we thank:
Joana Vieira
, first and foremost, who not only created our new look but also helped ILGA start a conversation on the need for visual consistency. Members of the ILGA World Board who established the call for bids, reviewed submissions, and worked with Joana and Daniele on the final design. Lara Mazzi, the volunteer web designer who showed us how the pages could welcome our new image, and the team of web developers and coding wizards at Impressie who guided us through all the technical hurdles of the process. Our website has also been updated to fix a few of the past glitches, thoroughly mapped by our Communications Intern Zineb Oulmakki. More of those updates will happen in the coming weeks. And last, but certainly not least, Daniele Paletta, who patiently and graciously led the entire process.

As of today, our previous logo will be no longer in use: we invite our member organisations to contact us if they wish to update their websites wherever the ILGA logo occurs.

Over to you now: what do you think of the new ILGA logo and visual identity? Take to our social media (Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram) and let us know your thoughts about it!

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